Dashboard Preview

Dashboard Preview

Technology Solutions for Care Providers

Our system is designed to help and support seniors as they age in your facility or their home. Using our wireless sensors, our system is able to track daily activity and provide indications such as sleep patterns, odd or erratic eating behaviors, medication adherence and much more. Care providers are able to stay informed and connected with their clients’ activities as well as their health and safety needs. Stay connected by receiving automated alerts through a smartphone app or web based dashboard.

Independence and Peace of Mind

Dashboard Preview


Real-time data gives you 24/7 insight into your clients’ current conditions to help you:

  • Be aware of changes in their routine to stay ahead of any health problems or concerns.
  • Partner with families to customize care plans for their loved ones.
  • Provide high level care by identifying and responding to their immediate needs.
  • Protect against nighttime falls even when clients are not wearing their medical pendent.

Tools for the Community

Our functionality gives care providers the opportunity to view information and activity levels for multiple seniors in their care. This allows for prioritization of the care that’s needed.

The reporting functionality gives care providers and families’ insights into behavioral patterns which may have begun to change and could indicate a change in routine, or indicate decline or chronic conditions.