How It Works


StayHome NY’s state-of-the art technology offering puts piece of mind in the palm of your hand all while enhancing your aging loved one’s independence and over all well being.

By utilizing discreet wireless sensors placed throughout your loved ones home, you can rest assured that they are safe and sound! These sensors will be strategically placed in order to track movement in specific areas.

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Our cutting edge technology is completely customizable and can be tailored for a variety of different health conditions and concerns of loved ones. After our solution is installed in the home, you will begin to receive automated alerts directly on your cellphone if a slip or fall is detected. You also will have direct insight into the activity patterns taking place within the residence, such as:

  • Has Mom been taking her medications when she is supposed to?
  • Has Dad been sleeping through the night like usual?
  • Is Mom or Dad using the bathroom more frequently or less frequently?

With StayHome NY’s state of the art sensor, family members and caregivers can remotely monitor their loved-one’s well being whether they live down the road or on the other side of the country; all through the convenience of a Smartphone APP.

Our solution is “SMART”! After a short period of time our system will begin to learn the “normal” activity patterns in the home. If something suddenly changes, you will automatically be notified. This gives you or a caregiver the opportunity to be proactive when looking after your aging loved one.

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